The history of our enterprise began in 1933, when in Kharkiv a manufacturing artel “Textil-Tkan” was created. Kharkiv Spinning and Weaving Mill, based on this artel, was founded in 1960. In 1978 the enterprise affiliated with the Kharkiv Wool Production Association “Krasnaya nit”.

In 2002 the enterprise went private. In May, 2003 the TM “VLADI” was registered. In the same year our enterprise obtained the certificate of conformity to the international standard ISO 9001:2000 and to the normative document DSTU ISO 9001:2000.

In 2004 “Berezanskaya Cloth Factory” was affiliated to “VLADI”. This allowed the enterprise to increase the production capacity and to expand the assortment.

In 2006 the enterprise adopted a five-year modernization program. Several specialists from Italy were invited for its implementation. During the period from 2006 to 2011 the equipment of such manufacturers was purchased and installed:

  • preparative equipment – “DELL’OCRO & VILLANI” (Italy);
  • spinning machinery – “GATTAI” (Italy), “BONINO” (Italy), “DEL PIANO” (Italy), “SAVIO” (Italy), “BEFAMA” (Poland);
  • weaving machinery – “SMIT” (Italy), “STAUBLI” (Switzerland), “GEMATEX” (Germany), “LAFER” (Italy);
  • finishing machinery – “KRANZ” (Germany), “FAMIT” (Italy), “VANNINI” (Italy), “NYOVO” (Italy), “PIGNONE” (Italy).

The conducted modernization has already resulted in the 60% increase of the production output; it allowed us to achieve a considerable quality improvement, to expand the assortment, and to introduce new commodity groups.

The implementation of the modernization program is still in the progress. In 2011 “VLADI” purchased Kharkiv Wool Preprocessing Factory. This allowed the company to substantially increase the product quality control, and to close the cycle of wool products manufacturing.

Today “VLADI” is one of the leading European producers of the highest quality wool plaids and blankets.