Design of Jacquard plaids and blankets

The service is offered for the plaids:

“Marseilles”, “Comfort”, “Elf” – 100% New Zealand wool

“Lyons” – 100% acrylic

and blankets:

Jacquard de Luxe blanket – 100% New Zealand wool

Jacquard blanket – 100% wool

Jacquard weave allows to transfer picture or logo onto the item.

The company has several Italian high-speed Jacquard machines, therefore we can fulfill orders as soon as possible.

Number of colors per item is unlimited (however, it is recommended to include 2-4 colors).

The quality of the items is defined according to the manufactured plaids.

Design is approved according to the drafts. Colors may be chosen from the textile color map or PANTONE.

This service is recommended for medium and large consignments (from 300 items)

Order fulfillment term – 2-4 weeks.

Notice: There are some technological limitations. The possibility of item manufacture is decided after the model has been agreed.