Wool plaid and blanket care

Wool plaid and blanket care

Wool items are nice, practical and create a special comfort at your house. True wool plaids and blankets are very durable and qualitative products that can serve you for a long time. We would like to tell you about a proper care after them.

First of all, read the item label where you can find the instructions for its cleaning, washing, drying and ironing. Below you will find the main recommendations:

  1. Since wool can easily absorb external smells, a new sheep wool item should be aired outside for several hours in order to remove these smells. They will evaporate in a few hours and your plaid or blanket will have a pleasant fresh scent.
  2. One of the care options is dry cleaning. You can do it yourself or give an item to the cleaner’s. After dry cleaning a plaid or a blanket should be aired outside as well.
  3. If you want to wash a wool item yourself, hand wash is strongly advised. We suggest you presoak a plaid/blanket in warm water (not warmer than 30°). Add the detergent and soak the item for 5-10 minutes. When washing the item, use special detergents, containing lanoline, or usual shampoo. They will help to preserve the durability of wool. Do not use detergents that contain bleaching or dying components. After washing, rinse item in warm water and let it drain. Do not scrub, wring or stretch wool items since they can lose their shape or stretch out. Then spread it out and let it air dry. Do not machine wash or whizz natural wool plaids and blankets.
  4. We suggest you air wool items outside once or twice a year. Do it in warm, dry weather so that the plaid or blanket does not absorb humidity. Avoid exposing item to sunlight since its colors can fade.
  5. If you haven’t used sheep wool bedding for some time, pack it into a loose bag with unrestrained air flow. For long-term storage add some moth protection products into the bag. Do not keep wool items in damp or cold spaces because they can be damaged.

And a few more tips:

- you can add 1 table spoon of grape vinegar into the soaking solution;

- in order to revive colors after fading, keep the item in water with a slice of lemon;

- dirt stains on wool items should be dried first, then brushed with a dry clothes brush;

- in order to wring an item, let it drain first, then wrap it with a terry towel without intensively twisting or wrenching it;

- to avoid deformation or stretching, do not hang a plaid or blanket down when drying it. Lay it on a flat surface.

Here are the main recommendations for taking care of wool items, by following which you will be able to enjoy the fineness and warmth of your plaid or blanket for a long time.