Jacquard Weave

Joseph Marie Jacquard

Plaids and blankets are manufactured on the weaving machine through a specific interlacing of warp and weft threads. The kind of this interlacing determines the quality and structure of the finished item. There is plain weave structure, which creates usual smooth surface without pattern, and compound weave that creates patterns. Jacquard weave is a compound weave, resulting in large geometrical or any other pattern. In the manufacturing process of these items systems of a great number of threads are used.

Jacquard blankets are made on special Jacquard looms that allow to set a special weaving order for each thread. This process is very complex and requires a thorough preparation of weaving process, but provides a great versatility of patterns of any complexity, form and size. This type of interlacing warp and weft threads varied in color allows to obtain a patter, which shows on the both sides of the item. Due to the structural complexity and peculiarities of weaving process Jacquard loom has a rather low productivity, that’s why it is used for manufacturing items of the highest quality.

Jacquard weave

The kind of weave, which today is called “Jacquard weave”, is named after French inventor of self-acting loom Joseph Marie Jacquard, who had designed this unique machine in the beginning of the XIX century. Patterned cloth is a result of a complex interaction of mechanisms, raising and lowering threads according to the set algorithm of the punched card – a cardboard plate with a peculiar arrangement of punched holes. Such cardboard templates were integrated in a specific order, alternating in the weaving process. Dying of Jacquard fabrics is conducted in two ways: either the threads are dyed before weaving, or the finished cloth is patterned.

Through all stages of progress and improvements the principle of loom operation has remained unchanged, but the technology of preproduction is now managed by computer software.

Jacquard weave

New pattern samples are created with help of graphic editor, which allows designers to realize any of their ideas. It is finally possible to embody the most sophisticated and exquisite weaves and patterns. Then the program is set up, following which the loom weaves the threads according to the necessary sequence, automatically creating the given pattern.

The texture of these items is smooth and very nice to the feel. Jacquard cloths are distinguished for their utility and durability. They have a rather showy and lush appearance, and their patterns look very expressively. Jacquard plaids and blankets are distinguished for their topnotch quality, and they look like new even after a long period of use.